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Antique Firearms

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B0353.  Hudson Valley Long fowling piece, original flint lock, tiger maple stock, typical Dutch brass mounts, cast brass escutcheon engraved AS (Staats), gunsmith made brass buttplate and tang from sheet brass. 58 1/2" barrel, overall 72 1/2."  c 1730-50. Remarkably intact and unaltered.  New York. Ref: The New York Firearms Trade vol.5 p.8-9. See my chapter on HV fowlers here .               SOLD

Lockplate fowler muzzle
fowler lockplate
fowler trigge guard fowler
butt plate tang fowler lock
lock detail fowler lockplate side


1595. Fancy grade New York target rifle with target sights and barrel turned for a bullet starter. c. 1859-64. .38 cal, 29.5" barrel. Lockplate marked " Moore & Son New York." Includes full compliment of tools. .38 caliber. 

John P. Moore was first active in New York City 1820 (and may have been the son of gunsmith John Moore of the same place) and continued for a long time. As J. P. Moore & Son: 1859-1864, as John P. Moore's Sons: 1864-1888 when the firm was sold to another. Ref:The New York State Firearms Trade (H. J. Swinney, Michael Lewis, Roderic Blackburn) Vol. 5 New York City, 2003. p.329-335. This cased gun illustrated p.332-3.


lock detail

B0812.. An original flintlock English fusil, c. 1760-70. Lock marked ". N..ELL", all brass mounts, engraved. Barrel marked SANDWELL MINORIES LONDON. Proof marks on barrels are crowns over V SS and GT. Engraved lockplate with scene of hunter shooting fowl, also a house. Cast brass wrist escutcheon. Iron ramrod.. Engraving on barrel and tang, octagonal to round barrel. Walnut stock.

fisil all fusil lockplate
touchmarks lockplate
right side top
tang forend

B0814. Dutch Officer's original flintlock fusil, c. 1770. Walnut stock with leaf carving. Brass mounts including cast butt plate with hunting scene. Front sight as bayonet lug. Elaborate cast trigger guard with sling swivel tang, figure of person and eyes. Barrel tang of engraved brass. Iron ramrod..             SOLD

butt right side butt tang
left butt tang
lock detail lockplate
right side


B0815. American colonial flintlock musket with Charleville marked lock, Charleville iron hardware (brass pipes), tiger maple stock, iron ramrod, c. 1770s.

left side lockplate side
lock side top

0766. New York "Kentucky" half stock rifle.c. 1835. .42 cal. 31" barrel.

A characteristic New York made Kentucky style rifle with typical reticulated brass patch box. All brass mounts: engraved brass trigger guard, hook butt plate, toe plate with patch box lid release button, ramrod thimble, and front sight. A pewter foreend cap. Original percussion lock, not converted from flintlock. Shaped cheekpiece. .42 caliber rifled barrel. Lock and barrel in brown finish. Double set trigger.

Very good condition, with all parts old and original excepting ramrod which has been made in appropriate form and fittings. All over even brown finish on barrel and lock.

lock patch box
right side

1309. Side by side combination gun, percussion. c. 1842.  Hudson, NY.  30.5" barrels. Marked: "BRADFORD" stamped between barrels, "JOSp GOLCHER" stamped on lockplate.

A back-action percussion combination gun, ca. 1850 with silver mounts and inlay.

"Combination" guns were especially popular with New York deer and bear hunters who found it convenient to have a double barrel, one loaded with a long range bullet, the other with short range buck shot for close moving targets. In the eastern part of New York the side-by-side barrels were prefessed, while in the western part of the state over/under barrels predominate. By the mid-nineteenth century the last really large population of deer in the northeast were in the Adirondacks, accounting for the number of such rifles made which in this century have often been called "The Adirondack Rifle."

Thomas Bradford, circa 1842, 53 Warren Street, Hudson, gunsmith. 1842-43 Western Business Directory. Joseph Golcher of New York City was a prolific supplier of actions to New York gunsmiths.

lock right side
left side left butt

1429.  New York half stock single barrel percussion rifle, c. 1840-50. cal.  34" barrel. "L . COON/ WARRENTED" on barrel "A.W. SPIES" on lock.  Levi Coon Jr, Owego or Ithaca NY..

Single barrel percussion rifle, front action lock, oct. barrel, tiger maple half stock with iron mounts, pewter forecap. Nicely done rifle.
Coon, Levi, Jr. percussion period, Owego, gunsmith and gunmaker. In 1835 Coon either moved or started another forge to produce barrels at Motts Corners which was operated by Alva Lull, Abiel Losey, and their descendants. This operation would have been in direct competition with E. Remington's barrel production in Ilion. There is a Levi Coon and Sons listed in the 1850-51 New York Mercantile Union Business Directory as working at 37 Aurora St., Ithaca.

Very good condition, all parts intact except replaced ramrod. Two small piece of wood along barrel missing, another piece off near barrel tang.

right side left side

0338. Half stock New York percussion target rifle.c. 18   cal.  barrel."A. C. Stevens" on lockplate, "A. C. Stevens / Hudson N.Y." on barrel. A half stock rifle made by A. C. Stevens of Hudson, N.Y., with octagonal and round heavy barrel, percussion lock, cherry? figures stock with several German silver inalys. Smooth bore (original?).Engraving on barrel, lock, tang. Inlays include hunter and eagle and others.

Abijah C. Stevens was born about 1816, first listed in the Hudson Directory in 1842 as a gunsmith, and thereafter until 1872. He is known to have made percussion target and match rifles. Fine condition, lockand hammer showing some pitting, barrel is grey in no pitting, stock appears to be old finish..                  SOLD

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