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Antique Americana Medals

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Note: please email us at rod@rhblackburn.com for detailed photos of any medals you are interested in, cite inventory number.

We offer primarily US Mint medals of the 19th century commemorating victorious commanders in the Revolution, Barbary War, War of 1812 and the Mexican War. While struck in gold and silver, most are copper with a special bronze patina from the US Mint, Philadelphia. They were struck in small numbers (1 for gold, a few in silver and scores to hundreds in bronzed copper). As such these are rare. Recognized as Emblems of Honor, they are fine examples of the medallic art and are usually in fine condition as they have been collector's items from the beginning.

For a full discussion see Roderic H. Blackburn: "Emblems of Honor, Congressional medals of war and peace" The Magazine Antiques. Vol CLXII, No.1 July 2002, p.82-89. Ask us for an emailed copy.

 Note: those which are "bronzed copper" are medals struck in copper then fired with a usually darker patina. The bronze patina varies considerably and that was the case when they were patinized. Some are almost orange and bright, others are "chocolate" dark brown, others are "mahogany" a red brown, and still others are close to tan, lighter or darker. Over time some medals may experience a partial loss of patina or become blemished by spots of corrosion, such as a dark green verdigis spots.   Most are 57-64mmm or larger than 2" diameter.


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M0625. Extremely rare English George III silver peace medal for North American use. Medium size 2.25 " (58   mm) diam, medal (Adams 8.1, first of two states). Date: 1776-1800.Until this one was recently recorded only seven of the first state of the medium size medal were known.

Bust of George III and His coat of arms. Made in three sizes, this is the rare medium size.  Silver peace medals were presented by representatives of sovereigns (English French, Spanish) to Native American chiefs to influence their loyalty. Found in Mohawk Valley. See my article on "Emblems of Honor, Congressional Medals of War and Peace", Magazine Antiques , July 2002.  SOLD

Extremely rare English George III silver peace medal for North American use

M0002 General George Washington (Before Boston) 65 Bronzed copper MI-1 1890-92 (4th state)US Mint. Uncirculated condition. Very small spots on obverse, small nick in reverse field, overall in fine condition. $850. In Latin: "The American Congress to George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the armies, the defender of liberty." The evacuation of Boston by the British: The American army advancing towards the city, seen at a distance, while the enemy retreats to the vessels. In the foreground, General Washington on horseback, in a group of officers, to whom he points out the fleeing enemy. In Latin: "The enemy put to flight for the first time - Boston retaken, March 17, 1776." Duvivier/ Charles Barber U.S. Mint SOLD

General George Washington (Before Boston) 65 Bronzed copper MI-1 1890-92 (4th state)US Mint. Uncirculated condition.

M0051 Lieut.‑General Francois Louis Tessiedre DeFleury,  47mm  Bronzed copper, MI‑4  1780,  Two working/ trial half strike proofs in copper of the dies. See Carl Zigrosser article on similar proofs from this series.  Excellent. Each with a small hole at top to hang the piece. 

Mars on the ruins of the fort treading on the British flag which he has wrestled off, and raising the sword with which he had vanquished the enemies who had oppressed his conquest. In Latin: "A memorial and reward for bravery and boldness ‑ The American Republic presented this award to M. de Fleury, a French officer, who as the first scaled the walls."  The fort of Stony Point and the enemy's vessels on the river below it. In Latin: "Fortifications, marches, and the enemy overcome ‑Stony Point taken by assault, July 15th, 1779"   Du Vivier   U. S. Mint (Phila.) SOLD

Lieut.‑General Francois Louis Tessiedre DeFleury, 47mm Bronzed copper, MI‑4 1780

M0020 Commodore Edward Preble, 64mm  Bronzed copper,  NA‑3   1884‑1893  Uncirc. some orignal bright finish   [Edward Preble, the valiant commander (from) the American Congress]    [To the avenger of American commerce] [Off Tripoli 1804] "reproduction 1884"   John Reich   U. S. Mint, Phila.  SOLD

Commodore Edward Preble, 64mm Bronzed copper, NA‑3 1884‑1893

War of 1812

M0008 Colonel George Croghan,  65mm  Bronzed copper,   MI‑12  c. 1885‑90 Exceptional uncirculated condition, with field in original brilliant orange mahogany color   "PRESENTED BY CONGRESS TO COLONEL GEORGE CROGHAN 1835" with best to right. "FURST. F." between bust and date. Based on a miniature furnished by Croghan.   English troops attacking American fort to right. "PARS MAGNA FUIT [HIS SHARE WAS GREAT]" above and "SANDUSKY 2: AUGUST. 1813" in exergue. "FURST. F." at lower edge. Based on a design by Lt. Washington Hood. Moritz Furst    U.S. Mint  SOLD

Colonel George Croghan, 65mm Bronzed copper, MI‑12 c. 1885‑90 Exceptional uncirculated condition

M0026 Lieutenant Stephen Cassin, 65mm  Bronzed copper, NA‑8   1878‑1893 Uncirc. Rich mahogany color, brilliant  [Stephen Cassin, Commander of the Ticonderoga. What region on earth is not full of our works] [Beaten on one side, he fearlessly turns the other] [Between the American and British fleets September 11, 1814]. "C.B."  Moritz Furst   U. S. Mint, Phila.  SOLD

Lieutenant Stephen Cassin, 65mm Bronzed copper, NA‑8 1878‑1893 Uncirc.

M0030 Captain Isaac Hull, 65mm  Bronzed copper,  NA‑12 19th c. Uncirc. a lovely dark mahogany patina with some original brilliance showing. A fine specimen. The bust of Capt. Hull facing left. [Isaac Hull conquers in July 1812 the skilled by stratagem (and) in August the powerful in battle], reference to two incidents: the escape from a British squadron, and the conquest of the Guerriere.  The ships in engagement. [Victory in the space of an hour] [Between the American ship Constitution and the English vessel Guerriere]   John Reich U. S. Mint, Phila. SOLD

Captain Isaac Hull, 65mm Bronzed copper, NA‑12 19th c. Uncirc.

Commemorative US Medals, 19th c

M0054 Washington Cabinet 1860,  59mm  Bronzed copper,  MT‑23 1860‑92   Uncirculated, fine condition. Slight rub to Washington's hair. Nice mahogany patina.   "GEORGE WASHINGTON BORN FEB. 22 1732. DIED DEC. 14 1799." "PAQUET F." Bust portrait after Houdon facing viewer's right.    "WASHINGTON CABINET OF MEDALS, U.S. MINT / INAUGURATED FEB. 22 1860." Image of the trapazoidal medals cabinet, with Washington bust on top, incircled in a baluster rail. Paquet U. S. Mint   SOLD

Washington Cabinet 1860, 59mm Bronzed copper, MT‑23 1860‑92 Uncirculated

Antique Americana Medals

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