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Antique Americana Medals

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US Mint Naval Medals

Revolutionary War, Barbary War, War of 1812

Paris Mint and US Mint medals of the late 18th and 19th centuries commemorat edvictorious commanders in the Revolution, Barbary War, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War. While struck in gold and silver, most are copper with a special bronze patina from the US Mint, Philadelphia or the Paris Mint . They were struck in small numbers (1 for gold, a few in silver and scores to hundreds in bronzed copper). As such these are rare. Recognized as Emblems of Honor, they are fine examples of the medallic art and are usually in fine condition as they have been collector's items from the beginning.

   If you do not see what you want in our current holdings, send us your wish list and I will contact you if and when we receive what you are looking for.

For a full discussion see Roderic H. Blackburn: "Emblems of Honor, Congressional medals of war and peace" The Magazine Antiques. Vol CLXII, No.1 July 2002, p.82-89. Ask us for an emailed copy.

Note: please email us at rod@rhblackburn.com for detailed photos of any medals you are interested in, cite inventory number.

 Note: the bronze patina varies considerably and that was the case when they were patinized. Some are almost orange and bright, others are "chocolate" dark brown, others are "mahogany"  red brown, and still others are close to tan, lighter or darker.  Most are 57-64mmm or larger than 2" diameter. Condition varies both for the medal surface and for the patina. 

The American Revolution

M0018 Captain John Paul Jones   57mm  Silver. NA‑1   Dupre  U. S. Mint (Phila.).  ["JOANNI PAVLO JONES CLASSIS PRAEFECTO. COMITA AMERICANA" (The American Congress. To John Paul Jones, Commander of the fleet). The bust of Jones in uniform, facing to right."HOSTIVM NAVIBVS CAPTIS AVT FVGATIS." (The enemy's ships cptured, or put to flight).  "AD ORAM SCOTIAE XXIII. SEPT. M.DCCLXXIIII." (At Scotland's shore 23 Sept. 1779.) "DUPRE FECIT". The ships Bonhomme Richard and Serapis in close battle.]   SOLD

Captain John Paul Jones 57mm Silvered copper

Barbary Coast Wars

M0019 Captain Thomas Truxton, 57mm  silver  NA‑2  1861‑82 Uncirculated condition. "OATRIAE PATES FILIO DIGNO. THOMAS TRUXTON." [The fathers of the country to their worthy son. Thomas Truxton.] Bust of Captain Truxton facing to left. "UNITED STATES FRIGATE CONSTELLATION OF 38 GUNS persues and vanquishes the GRENCH ship LA VENGENCE  of 54 GUNS 1 FEBY 1800. [this engraved on only the early medals] " BY VOTE OF CONGRESS, TO THOMAS TRUXTON 29 MARCH 1800."  Robert Scot (attri)    U. S. Mint (Phila.)    SOLD

Captain Thomas Truxton, 57mm silver NA‑2 1861‑82 Uncirculated condition

War of 1812

I am sorry to say that all bzonzed copper naval medals have been sold, nearly a complete set. There are still some War of 1812 military medals available.

Antique Americana Medals

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