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Roderic Blackburn has been engaged in research and writing on the history, architecture, and arts of New York State for over 30 years. Dozens of magazine articles and several books relate to living in the upper Hudson River Valley and are especially useful to those who have or will purchase a home here. Here are vignettes from these publications selected for those interested in our region.

A Visible Heritage, Columbia County, New York: A History in Art and Architecture. Ruth Piwonka and Roderic H. Blackburn. The Columbia County Historical Society. 3rd printing. An extensively illustrated book showing many of the fine period houses of the county as well as its arts, 17th-19th centuries, letting pictures tell the story of the county's history.

Dutch Colonial Homes in America. Roderic H. Blackburn, author; Geoffrey Gross, photographer (Rizzoli 2002). Wonderful color photos of so many early houses, barns and other structures of New York and New Jersey. The text gives the reader the tools to "read" early houses; how they were built, altered and added to so as to accommodate human needs and practical necessities.

Remembrance of Patria, Dutch Arts and Culture in Colonial America, 1609-1776. Roderic H. Blackburn and Ruth Piwonka. Albany Institute of History and Art (1988). A comprehensive look at life, art, architecture and artifacts of living in Dutch America in the colonial period. Based on a major exhibition.

*Great Houses of New England, Roderic H. Blackburn, author; Geoffrey Gross, photographer (Rizzoli 2008). Exquisitely photographed collection of magnificent houses and mansions, private and public, throughout New England from the early eighteenth century up to the 1930s. All periods and all styles following the classical influence of Europe.

*Early New England Houses, Roderic H. Blackburn, author; Geoffrey Gross, photographer (Rizzoli 2010).  

These and other publications are available from R. H. Blackburn & Associates, just contact us by phone (518 758-1788) or email (rod@rhblackburn.com). You may be able to buy these less expensively over the internet but if you wish a signed and inscribed copy (nice for presents) you will want to contact us.

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