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Research on art, antiques and architecture

We have been engaged in research in New York and regional history, architecture, art and antiques for decades which have gone public as exhibitions, books, articles, lectures, and now, the internet. A number of these publications are referenced in catalogs, articles and books so it is now useful to make these available to the public and I will scan and attach them at this section.

For many years I and my colleague Ruth Piwonka have been working on a comprehensive catalog of all the early New York paintings (up to the year 1750) of which we now know of over 500, far more than was once thought to be extant. This digital catalog is just too big to publish in the conventional book form, it would go 1000+ pages. We will work out a way to publish it on the internet. In the meantime we are pleased to hear from those who know of undiscovered examples and we will respond to your inquiries about paintings which may or may not be of New York or New Jersey origin. Most are portraits, some are scripture paintings (based on Bible engravings) and a few genre subjects, hatchments, miniatures and house portraits or landscapes. Meanwhile, here is the Bibliography


See Publications

Exhibition Catalogues

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