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Zaanse Kast, Netherlands

B0481. Zaanse Kast, Netherlands. Polychrome decorated cupboard from the Zaan region near Amsterdam. A rare survival of this distinctive type.  Early 18th c. Spruce.  75.24"H, 51"W, 20.5"D

parlor stove
1644  Classical American parlor stove by Low & Leake, Albany NY c.1844.  This eagle stove is considered the most beautiful of the stoves  made in the Albany-Troy area in the period when the finest cast iron stoves in America were made there, Low and Leake being among the prominent makers..Only a small number of these eagle stoves are known to exist today, including in the collections of The: Metrpolitan Museum of Art, Albany Institute of History and Art, and Yale University.  .
53"H, 31"W, 18"D
SOLD this one but have another almost identical.

New York Chippndale tripod tea table

B114. New York Chippendale tripod tea table with claw and ball feet, shell knees, urn baluster, bird cage. The whole decorated in chinoisserie black and gilt in the ca. 1825-35 period, all intact and well preserved.  A rare  table with a much rarer example of Chinese-inspired decoration, like the product of the likes of Mrs. James Russell's female seminary in New York City in the 1830s (see Venebles: American Funriture in the Bybee Collection 1989 p. 113 for an example by Eliza Anthony of Albany or New York City.) 

  Acquired from the Hermitage, the Peter R. Livingston home in Livingston township, Columbia County NY. ca. 1770.  mahogany, 27.5" diam.

c. 1770-90 One of a small number of surviving New York tables of this type, distinctive to the Dutch region.        

1369   Medial stretcher table  

New York    c. 1770-90   One of a small number of surviving New York tables of this type, distinctive to the Dutch region. A design which dates back to the Middle Ages, seen in illuminated manuscripts and in 17th century Old Master Dutch paintings. Very good condition, in old if not original stain finish. This one is in better condition than most. Gumwood and pine    39.5"W, 26"D, 26"H   

William & Mary Spanish-foot bannister back armchair, ca. 1710-30

B0677. Mass. William & Mary Spanish-foot bannister back armchair, ca. 1710-30. Carved crest and stretcher. A really dramatic chair. Modestly priced as finials and parts of feet are restored. Maple.  49.5"H, 24.2"W, 27"D, 17"S.H. 


Boston Queen Anne leather armchair

B070 Boston Queen Anne leather armchair. Owned by Dominie Eleardus Westerlo, Dutch Reformed minister during the Revolutin in Albany NY. From his pulpit he was instrumental in rallying the Albany Dutch in support of independence. Ex Coll. Albany Institute of History and Art.  ca. 1730-40. maple. 46.2"H, 24"W, 22.5"D, 17"S.H.


The Zoller family chest

B491. The Zoller family chest. One f the earliest surviving paint decorated chests from the Mohawk River Valley. The Zollers were a Palatine German family who settled near Fort Plain. Decorated in blues and white as vines and the Zoller initials in a  cypher. 18th c. Pine. Good condition, dry scrapped to the original decoration. Feet platforms are a recent addition. Originally it had no feet. 44.5"W, 16.5"H (w/o feet), 19.5"D.

Queen Anne silver gilt frame, England c. 1720

1635. Queen Anne silver gilt frame,  England  c. 1720.  Very good conditions, needs small in-fills. Rabet size: 37.75x27.75"

A rare English walnut "Sleeping" chair, c. 1680-1700

1592. A rare English walnut  "Sleeping" chair, c. 1680-1700. A pair of wrought iron ratchets allow the back to change angle. Shell-end iron draw bars extend from the arms. Very good condition.  51.5"H, 27.5"W, 33"D.


1366. One drawer paneled blanket chest on ball feet New York/ New Jersey, c. 1730-40. Original ball feet (one needs partial restoration. A most unusual New York (or New Jersey) piece related to, but earlier, than similar paneled chests from Long Island. A similar chest, also in hard pine, was pictured in the Magazine Antiques some years ago in a Dutch house in New Jersey. Good condition. Originally painted red.  Cleats under each end of the lid should be restored.. Hard pine (Pinus rigida) 32"H, 40"W, 19.5"D 

The Knickerbocker family (Schaghticoke, NY) New York gateleg maple table

1365. The Knickerbocker family (Schaghticoke, NY) New York gateleg maple table. C. 1740. Maple, originally painted red (some remains).  Similar to just a few surviving gatelegs of this period. Top is old but not original. 28.75"H, 40.4"L, 17.5 and 40.4"W

chip carved footwarmer in the Netherlands tradition

0803 Chip carved foot warmer. New York or New Jersey, Late 18th. century

Among the rarest of early New York/ New Jersey folk art objects, a chip carved footwarmer in the Netherlands tradition. Unlike all others, this one is American, made of gumwood. Fine condition, shrinkage splits in top have been reinforced with an iron plate in the early 19th century. Gumwood by microanalysis .9"W. 9"D, & 1/2"H     SOLD

Cross legged and diagonal braced Hudson Valley

1242 Cross legged and diagonal braced Hudson Valley small (sawbuck) table Hudson Valley. New York, l. 18th- e. 19th c.

A rare and distinctive form of Hudson Valley table composed of cross stretchers and diagonal braces. Very good condition with much original red paint on base.  Pine top, maple base, 40 1/2 x 27" top, 29 1/4"H

Mohawk Valley pine milk bench of 3 shelves

B635. Mohawk Valley pine milk bench of 3 shelves. Late 18th c.  Pine.

Slatback side chair. New York 1690-1720

1354  Slatback side chair. New York  1690-1720.      

A distinctive New York chair of unusual bold proportions and details.  Note the four turned feet, a Dutch characteristic.  The shaped slat, ring and ball finials and turned feet relate to similar chairs in Dutch 17th genre paintings. Eric Groning's article in Chipstone's American Antiques (2002) discusses these rare early chairs, this one being a prime example of its type.  Very good condition, old or original stain finish. Maple, ash . 37"H, 18.5"W, 16"D 


Set of three slatback chairs, one arm, two side

1238 Set of three slatback chairs, one arm, two side (one shown). Attributed to "Read," probably NY, late 18th c.

Rare to find a slatback armchair with matching side chairs.  Good condition. Armchair all original, feet somewhat worn, mostly cleaned of old red paint. One side chair refinished , other cleaned of most original red, both with feet worn down. Maple Armchair: 43"H, 23"W; Side:38 1/2"H, 20 1/4"W.

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