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Antiques Prints and Drawings, Americana Art

1356. The Death of General Wolfe (Battle of Quebec). Watercolored print on paper. 18.5 x 24.5." Inscription:  various, including: painted by B. West, Engraved by Wm.Wollett.  Plains of Abraham at Battle of Quebec, General Wolfe surrounded by officers and soldiers, battle in progress in background. After the painting by Benjamin West. A good example of this most famous image commemorating the death of British General Wolfe, the victory of the English over the French at Quebec, ending the French and Indian War. Early or original watercoloring.


The Death of General Wolfe (Battle of Quebec)

0248. "Fort George with the City of New York, from the S.W." The Carwitham view based on Burgis. This print is apparently a 19th century restrike or additional state not previously recorded (omits the birds in the sky). Printed on Laid paper, which was varnished over lightly in the 19th century. Slight tear at lower margin.

"Fort George with the City of New York, from the S.W." 

1463. Mezzotint engraving of Gen John Sullivan  Printed by Thomas Hart,  London , 1776.  One of the scarce group of American officers mezzotint engraved in London during the Revolution. Gen. Sullivan was appointed by Gen. Washington to put an end to the frontier Tory and Iroquois raids in the Mohawk Valley by invading the heart of Iroquois country - the Seneca which he did successfully.  Very good. Print long ago laid on heavier paper. Trimmed to plate and text. In original Hogarth type black and gilt frame with original pine wood backing.  Mezzotint print on laid paper  14 x 9 7/8"

358. Sir Balthazar Gerbier and His Family J. Boydell engraver,  London , 1766.  An elegant family portrait of a leading British architect, author, courtier, diplomat and painter, by Anthony Van Dyck, engraved by J. Boydell, London. Gerbier was born in Zeeland, the Netherlands, was a friend of Rubens (his children features in a famous 1629 Rubens painting), but was most active in England where he was knighted, designed and built country estates, acted as diplomat for the government and published a leading book on architecture.  Very good, in period style black and gilt carved frame, matted. Copper engraving on paper  15.75 x 22.25" plus margins

Sir Balthazar Gerbier and His Family J. Boydell engraver, London , 1766


1464. Mezzoting engraved portrait of Gen. David Wooster, Esq.   Prob. by C. Corbutt    London, March 1776. General Wooster, an elderly veteran of the French and Indian War, led Connecticut troops in 1775. He was found to be incompetent in the Canada invasion and returned to Connecticut where he was killed opposing the Danbury Raid, 1777. Fine condition excepting trimmed to the plate margin, without the legend.  Mezzotint on laid paper   12 7/8 x 9 1/2"

Mezzoting engraved portrait of Gen. David Wooster

1378B. Two county maps:  Radnor and Bedfordshire, By John Speed  England, 1610 .  Two county maps by  the best known map maker of his time, John Speed, dated 1610. Very good condition, framed Ink on paper   15"H x 20"W

Two county maps: Radnor and Bedfordshire, By John Speed England, 1610 

1313.    Henry Boyle, Lord Carlton. Printed by J. Haubracken after Kneller. London, 1741.  Bust portrait of Lord Burlington, the great English Paladian (Chiswick House etc). It was his taste and influence, more than any other Englishmen in the 18th c., who influenced the course of architecture thereafter in England and America.  Excellent. In a fine period style frame.   Ink on paper  14 3/3 x 9 1/8"

Henry Boyle, Lord Carlton. Printed by J. Haubracken after Kneller. London, 1741

0563.  Mrs. Sarah Chicheley, mezzotint portrait engraving. c. 1720. 13 1/8" x 9 7/8". Inscribed: "Mrs. Sarah Chicheley/ G. Kneller S.R. Imp: & Angl. Eques Aur pinx: I Smith fec. Sold by I Smith at the Lyon & Cronin in Ruseel Streeet Covent-garden"English court portrait engravings like this were the prototypes for many American colonial paintings. In a fine period-style frame.

Mrs. Sarah Chicheley, mezzotint portrait engraving. c. 1720

1157. Admiral Vernon,  Mezzotint print. 13 x 9 5/8"ss.. "T. Gainsborough Pinxt" "Admiral Vernon" "Is. McArdell fecit" He boasted that he could take Porto Bello with but six ships. In 1739 he was given a fleet to do just that and he did, with five ships (in 1726 the British had failed to take this port with 20 ships). Over 160 different medals were issued to commemorate his victory, more than for any other person in history.

Admiral Vernon, mezzotint print

0286. Corinth, Volume V, The Roman Villa. Theodore Leslie Shear, Harvard University Press.  Boston 1930   Printed portfolio. 

A very large portfolio of text and figures plus 11 color plates, printed in  Germany. Harvard University for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1930. Showing in full color the archeological finds: moziac floors in full detail from original watercolor renderings at the site.  Large and very expensive publication. 32 x 25"  Excellent original condition in its own portfolio binder.   Printed portfolio. 32 x 25"

Corinth, Volume V, The Roman Villa. Theodore Leslie Shear, Harvard University Press. Boston 1930

0251. Milbert views of New York.  J. Milbert, del. A. Joly, lith. Views of New York printed in Paris. 1828-9. Various prints based on Milbert's views of New York based on his 1818 and 1821 trips through New York State.  These include views near Manhattan and the Hudson Valley. Very good condition with full margins, matted. Print on paper  most ca. 7 1/2 x 11" + margins.

 0251D. Lower Falls near the residence of Mr. Montgomery.. Litho par Villeneuve, Dessine par J. Milbert.. Imp. lith de E. Ardit {Paris]. 14 x 10 3/4" Full margins. 2nd volume plate 8 of Itinerarium. 1828-9.

251A State of New-York/ Spiten Devil's Creek.

251B State of New-York, View on the Harlem

0251C. Chutes de Therese (Falls of Therese) pres la riviere St Lauent (new the St. Lawrence river) a 300m de New-York (300 miles from New York). J. MIlbert del, Litho de Langlume, Lith par A. Joly. 12 x 8 3/8" Three margins trimmed near plate.

1357.  Port scene of Batavia, Dutch East Indies. Signed H F Bentdorp  Batavia [Dutch East Indies]  1798. A rare period view of the Dutch East India port at Batavia. Dutch artist. Very good condition, overall toned paper. Graphite and ink  on paper  8 x 11 1/4"  + margins

Port scene of Batavia, Dutch East Indies

1506. Complete set of 31 watercolored lithographs: Paris Shop facades. Paris,  19th c. 31 beautiful images of elaborate classical shop facades in Paris as they appeared in the early 19th century. Each carefully watercolored. Some with small 19th c. collection stamps. The original watercolors are in the Biblioteque Nationale, Paris.  Fine condition with full margins. Framed in groups. Some with 19th c. small ownership stamps Ink and watercolor on paper. Image sizes are approximately  5" x 9" each.

Complete set of 31 watercolored lithographs: Paris Shop facades. Paris, 19th c

1506a. Enlarged image of one shop front. "Magasin de Medes Boulevard Mont-martre, No. 50 acete des Varietes."

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